The Nagelpilz Disease Is Common In Different People

The nagelpilz disease is one, which gets caused to the infection in nails. People who are suffering from the problems of the circulatory disorders, the diabetes, inflammation of nails or even due to the immunodeficiency, such diseases increases the risk of such infection. The AIDS, old age and chemotherapy are also the major reason for body defensing, which elevates the risk more. Additionally, there are two different types of the nail fungus infections that are classified as, the subungual invasion, under which excitation from below the nail penetrates. While, on the other handm the white superficial mycotishche infection is also falling under the category of nagelpilz disease in which excitation of nail surface gains the white discoloration result in nails.

The symptoms of nagelpilz

In all the different types of the nagelpilz, some of the symptoms which usually occurs in advanced stages are as follows,

  • Irritation of nails
  • The yellowish and white discoloration on nail edges
  • The yellow, gray, whitish or the brown gray spots in nails
  • Thickening of nail plate
  • The fragility or zerbroselung of nail

For the unambiguous diagnosis, the disease which is caused due to the nail fungi diseases, some of the horn parts gets scraped and even directly from eye-catching nails. For the exact identification of the nagelpilzantinfungal, the three or four week of cultivation in the culture of cell is highly required. As the culture of fungus with poor sensitivity comes up, the lab depends on the twenty or fifty per cent of false results, that are negative.

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